City structure planning

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design practice

Requirements of integrated development in urban renewal extends to the need to address imbalances in the development of non-production sectors (housing, public services, transportation, engineering equipment, gardening, landscaping, environmental protection).

The problem of complexity is directly related to the reorganization of the... read more >>

concentration of production in cities

Automation, mechanization and robotization manufacturing processes lead to reduced employment in production, creating preconditions for their physical separation from the production site. And in small towns are the prerequisites for concentration of production at a relatively low concentration of workers. The role of small towns and... read more >>

concept of urban development

Concepts and methods of management practices for urban development. Study of research and design work, concepts of regulation of a large city shows the diversity of approaches and geographical extent of consideration, an abundance of concepts, operated by city planners, solving regulatory issues; green area, suitable area, agglomeration... read more >>

conditions regulating the development of a large city

Specific problems of planning control occur in a "convergence" of functioning of large, large and major cities, forming vzaimoperekryvayuschiesya zone of influence. Examples of the formation of such situations are very diverse: from a "double" (Bitter - Dzerzhinsk) and group (Dnepropetrovsk - Dneprodzerzhinsk - Novomoskovsk) structures... read more >>

configuration boundaries of the group system

Isolation of group systems populated areas should be implemented taking into account the regional and subregional dimensions of the system of formation of settlement. At the regional level - in view of identification bearing the cities - potential centers of sub-centers and resettlement, establishing the scope and direction of economic and... read more >>

Daytime urbanized system

A number of studies on the "day urbanized system was subdivided all urbanized areas of the country. Within each system identified the core zone, where the focus point of application of labor and the surrounding area from which the daily trips to work. The initial number of "daily urban systems" has steadily increased, due to the development... read more >>

decrease to dangerous levels of pollution

Such a reconstruction should be carried out based on the reduction of dangerous levels of pollution resulting from their addition to the individual sites and purposeful dispersal of some plants on the territory of the metropolitan area. Fragmentation of the formation of separate localities agglomerations, time difference and isolation problems... read more >>

balanced development of settlements

concept of urban development

Develop a network of cultural institutions

dynamics of growth of major cities

Effectiveness group companies

from urban centers to group systems

Goal of urban planning policy

growth rate of urban population

interaction of road transport