City structure planning

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effect of the structure prevailing settlement

Influence of the structure prevailing in the settlement of the delimitation of the group system must be analyzed from the position was formed and developed manufacturing locations, branch orientation of the formation of clusters. In this connection it is advisable to use schemes of economic zoning for the district, planning.

In the hierarchy...

dominance of big city

In combination with a decrease in natural growth of the city's own population the situation may have a "slowing" effect on the pace of development and reconstruction of large and major cities, whose potential is formed under the influence of the complex process of functional and spatial redistribution of different types of productive economic... read more >>

dynamics of growth of major cities

Trends in the growth of large cities at the present stage. Currently there are over 130 large and major cities with a total demographic potential of about 87 million people. In the 23 cities with populations of 1 million or more in 1986, lived 42 million people in 33 cities with a population of 500 thousand to 1 million people - 22... read more >>

economic core of the continent

It is very important for the understanding of mega-cities as socio-economic and urban development category is the fact that the Megalopolis not "overgrown" urban agglomeration or the next higher "mark" areas and the density of settlement, but a completely new phenomenon, which is characterized by its specific qualities. Megalopolis, usually... read more >>

economic potential of a large city

When forming the social and economic potential of a large city-center location which is characterized by a significant eccentricity in the "own" group system should take into account the possibility of servicing them gravitating population of adjacent territories and founded a system of interrelated settlement. In connection with the variety... read more >>

balanced development of settlements

concept of urban development

Develop a network of cultural institutions

dynamics of growth of major cities

Effectiveness group companies

from urban centers to group systems

Goal of urban planning policy

growth rate of urban population

interaction of road transport