City structure planning

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formation of industrial zones

In this context becomes relevant provision of the relative balance of places of application of labor and workforce planning within the boundaries defined - the structural parts of the city to minimize the volume of long-distance travel of workers to jobs. Such planning - the structural part of it is expedient to plan large enough in size that... read more >>

Effectiveness group companies

The effectiveness of group companies (their combination and cooperation), in addition to meeting the requirements of the rational organization of industrial relations, should reflect and balance the use of territorial and population of urban resources. Streamlining the structure and territorial organization of the industrial complex of a... read more >>

Exhaustion of natural resources of the Territories

Exhaustion of natural resources of the territories surrounding a large city, changing the structure and parameters of the utilities - the formation of their systems goes not only beyond the urban agglomerations, but in some cases and areas. With the passage of time may significantly change the nature and distribution of industrial and technological... read more >>

extending the life of buildings

In the historically established areas of cities becomes very important their successive development with preservation of the foundations of the planning structure and a valuable building modernization and life extension preserved buildings . Today at the stage of reconstruction of large central areas of mixed multi-purpose fund, mainly... read more >>

balanced development of settlements

concept of urban development

Develop a network of cultural institutions

dynamics of growth of major cities

Effectiveness group companies

from urban centers to group systems

Goal of urban planning policy

growth rate of urban population

interaction of road transport


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