City structure planning

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growth rate of housing provision of the population

Ignoring the requirements of scientific and technological progress, releasing on the basis of increased productivity workforce, over the years in many respects actually initiated the exodus to big cities from the already weak economically developed areas.

Many large cities have been very low (well below the Master Plan) growth rate... read more >>

Goal of urban planning policy

Under the influence of various processes related to economic development in some areas and out of production in other existing urban systems are constantly changing the emphasis of urban management. Alignment urban policy goals in various areas related to the specification of objectives and methods of regulation. Some activities are... read more >>

gradual reduction and removal of production

To effectively regulate the development of Moscow must first of all, the adoption of measures to limit the extensive growth of non-core sectors of the city, characterized by rapidly increasing industrial production personnel. gradual reduction and removal of production , organizations, institutions that do not have the prospects for further... read more >>

Growth in industrial production in urban areas

Despite the presence in major cities, huge, inefficient use of functional areas, they continue "moving" into new territory, often at great cost of engineering, the classes of valuable agricultural land and recreation.

In the predominantly extensive development in cities and major cities have become a trend of incidence of return of... read more >>

growth of labor resources in small towns

Stabilization and growth workforce of small towns , villages, reducing the size of undesirable migration to large cities are increasingly becoming dependent on the improvement of their social "constructed nature".

The transition to intensive development, increasing the spatial extent of the social and functional interaction between... read more >>