City structure planning

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integrating role of cities

Understanding the trends of the transition to a more active development of the qualities of polycentric settlement based on an analysis characterizing the present stage of social development of logistical and socio-spatial patterns. In modern conditions dramatically increases the value of interconnected development of resettlement and... read more >>

growth rate of urban population

The greatest values of the ratio of population growth areas gravitating to the increase in urban centers in cities with a population of over 1 million for 1959-1979. reached in Moscow (56.4%), Donetsk (37.8%), Gorky (30,4%), while the lowest - in Moscow (4.6%), Omsk (6.7%), Kharkiv (10, 1%), Odessa (13.1%). Displacement rate of... read more >>

history of urban planning in capitalist countries

Combined scheme of spatial organization of areas of work proposed for use in developed by Bulgarian specialists regionally settlement in the territory of the Sofia metropolitan area. Its macro-elements will be multi-functional areas, including residential developments, green space, commercial and domestic, cultural and educational centers... read more >>

improvement of urban organization of a large city

However, the interrelated issues of regulatory development of its own major city by improving the functional levels of the planning structure of the complex settlement - from the structural planning of the city to the region - remain insufficiently studied. It is therefore very important to combine the individual functional-spatial aspects... read more >>

industry on the path of intensification

Intensification, enabling the improvement of functional and territorial distribution of productive forces and associated with the most comprehensive use of natural and physical resources, deepening the historical conditions of a more uniform spatial formation of the production and dispersal.

Go to the path of the intensification of... read more >>

balanced development of settlements

concept of urban development

Develop a network of cultural institutions

dynamics of growth of major cities

Effectiveness group companies

from urban centers to group systems

Goal of urban planning policy

growth rate of urban population

interaction of road transport


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