City structure planning

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conditions regulating the development of a large city

Specific problems of planning control occur in a "convergence" of functioning of large, large and major cities, forming vzaimoperekryvayuschiesya zone of influence. Examples of the formation of such situations are very diverse: from a "double" (Bitter - Dzerzhinsk) and group (Dnepropetrovsk - Dneprodzerzhinsk - Novomoskovsk) structures centers settlement systems to such a densely built-up areas when the 8 within a unified system of settlement is inevitable emergence of a number of local sub-systems with multiple zones vzaimoperekryvayuschimisya availability.

Under these conditions, the spatial relationship of settlements, the creation of a unified planning structure resettlement areas are particularly relevant. For the purpose of converting crucial receives the identification of structure-ties, based on a system of transport communications and a functional zoning of the area taking into account the adjacent settlement systems.

The peculiar conditions regulating the development of large cities appear in the formation of axial, long settlement patterns. Thus, historically and continue to build urban centers and economic activity within a narrow band in the direction of Cheremkhovo - Usolie - Siberian - Angarsk - Irkutsk - Shelekhov (here by 1% in the Irkutsk region. Concentrated approximately 60% of urban population) has led to a number of negative effects; territorial resources are exhausted, worsening demographic situation (outside the band of development, not only decreases the number of rural population, but population and number of towns), high density of industries that pollute the environment, creates an unfavorable ecological situation.

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