City structure planning

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configuration boundaries of the group system

Isolation of group systems populated areas should be implemented taking into account the regional and subregional dimensions of the system of formation of settlement. At the regional level - in view of identification bearing the cities - potential centers of sub-centers and resettlement, establishing the scope and direction of economic and industrial development zone of influence of their functions.

at this level should be taken into account makrozonirovanie territory with the release of the priority areas of development that may affect the operation and planning the formation of a subregional, and strictly the group system, and thus to adjust its borders. Arising at the subregional level, the problem of ordering the settlement structure in the areas bordering with the group system, contain extensive growth of large and major cities through the redeployment of productive capacity between centers of adjacent settlement systems may also contribute to clarifying the boundaries, changing areas of the employment zones of gravity.

The configuration of the boundaries of the group system as a derivative of the current structure functions, relations, administrative division, in turn, has an active corrective effect on its internal planning organization, which is based on the establishment with the planning and implementation of spatial tools premises daily life of the population of the totality of the settlements system. In the areas of group systems in more than a 2-hour transport links from the city center, which is typical for a number of situations have to be formed special sub-centers system-wide level. Lack of possibilities for the establishment of such sub-centers should be compensated by enhanced messaging system allowing to implement a daily connection to the city center.

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