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Daytime urbanized system

A number of studies on the "day urbanized system was subdivided all urbanized areas of the country. Within each system identified the core zone, where the focus point of application of labor and the surrounding area from which the daily trips to work. The initial number of "daily urban systems" has steadily increased, due to the development of the urbanization process, covering new territory, as well as the isolation of new nuclei within the previously established geographically more extensive systems, which is due to the decentralization of the location of the work. The main centers of decentralization - London, Birmingham, South Lancashire and Glasgow. The dynamics of population redistribution within the "daily urban systems, as established research, characterized by a constant increase in the proportion of the population in the areas adjacent to the core system, and a reduction in the boundaries of the nucleus itself.

Basis of districts' daily urban systems "- centers of employment and the surrounding area within a radius of circular migration. It is believed that such systems form a structure for which it is appropriate to consider changes in the distribution of productive forces in the country in general, since such systems are characterized by functional integrity that is missing in the regional and other more extensive on the parameters of the formation.

If at the regional level for the last time characterized by tendency "care" of the population in rural areas, then sintering at a decline of population in their central cores. Out-migration from large cities and agglomerations especially noticeable on the background of near-zero natural growth.

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