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Requirements of integrated development in urban renewal extends to the need to address imbalances in the development of non-production sectors (housing, public services, transportation, engineering equipment, gardening, landscaping, environmental protection).

The problem of complexity is directly related to the reorganization of the structure of large and major cities with the creation of relatively balanced on labor and cultural and community relations planning zones and districts. Such an approach is quite common in design practice . However, not yet solved the problem of matching structures, functioning of these areas and the management of their development than is largely due to lack of implementation to date, the principles of planning larger areas. It should be borne in mind that the attainment of any local balance must be constantly measured against all sorts of changes and imbalances in the structure of other territorial division, a major city as a whole.

example, housing construction in new, usually peripheral areas, leading to loosening of the population in the existing areas, especially in the central part of the city, changing socio-demographic requirements for housing. Needless to an aggregate zoning prevents the formation of complex planning districts. Creating a giant-sized residential areas and industrial zones is the cause of longer range trips in the city structure, etc. Need to achieve the complexity of construction, balance of bonds already in the early stages of reconstruction can dictate urban development requirements for the volume, consistency and degree of radical reconstructive measures.

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