City structure planning

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Differentiated Approach

Differentiated approach to the inclusion in the group system of administrative districts, partly covered by the 50-kilometer radius of availability can be traced in the Yaroslavl region of settlement. Seized with the theoretical radius of the availability of Yaroslavl area as the center of the system includes a fully Yaroslavsky Tutaev, Nekrasov, Gavrilov-Yamskaya administrative areas, and partly a number of related areas are located. Tending to Yaroslavl Rostov, Sts and Bolsheselsky administrative areas included in the Yaroslavl group system in the absence of any other major centers of gravity.

Despite the partial occurrence of the conditional access to the territory of the zone of Rybinsk district and the presence of active transport links, the Andropov and Yaroslavl in this situation it may be appropriate Andropov group system with the addition of peripheral north-western administrative districts. Thus, taking into account the situational-planning features, including the prospects of the formation adjacent settlement systems. Yaroslavl group system populated areas may be formed as part of Yaroslavl, Tutayev, Bolsheselsko th, Nekrasovsky, Gavrilov Yamskogo, Rostov administrative districts total area of ​​11.2 km2.

In determining the boundaries of a group of settlements, emerging in a linear urban situation emerging, usually along major transport routes, the need arises in sequential ("step by step") analysis is particularly complex functioning of the entire chain of urban centers and their areas of influence.

balanced development of settlements

concept of urban development

Develop a network of cultural institutions

dynamics of growth of major cities

Effectiveness group companies

from urban centers to group systems

Goal of urban planning policy

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