City structure planning

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Disadvantages of functioning cities

Many of the shortcomings of the functioning of cities engendered by lack of proper coordination and linkages of their formation from gravitating to them populated areas in addressing all major issues of urban development (settlement, the formation of an industrial complex, social infrastructure, the use of territory, development of transport system recreational complex, the reproduction of the natural environment).

Social and technological change are transforming the methods of solving problems of large cities including the most common of them. This applies fully to the program strategic objective to improve the proportions in the distribution of urban and rural populations in the country, its regions, streamlining the structure of the established settlements, contain extensive growth of large cities and metropolitan areas in conjunction with stimulating the development of small and medium-sized cities, the effective inclusion of rural communities places into a unified system of settlement. As the basis of socio-economic and urban transformations in addressing all these issues, using the transition from standalone to integrated forms of group resettlement.

The course of the reconstruction in an intensification of the implementation of the relocation problems of regulation of urban development of the region largely administrative activities in the area including economic incentives to upgrade their manufacturing base and accelerate social development. Limitation of extensive growth in relation to one group of cities and promote development in relation to another regarded as a result of implementing a complex set of activities aimed at enhancing the national economic and social potential of resettlement as a whole.

balanced development of settlements

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Develop a network of cultural institutions

dynamics of growth of major cities

Effectiveness group companies

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