City structure planning

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effect of the structure prevailing settlement

Influence of the structure prevailing in the settlement of the delimitation of the group system must be analyzed from the position was formed and developed manufacturing locations, branch orientation of the formation of clusters. In this connection it is advisable to use schemes of economic zoning for the district, planning.

In the hierarchy of its territorial segmentations subject of regional planning, which is on the spatial parameters of the closest to the group system is the economic district It is understood the territorial grouping of industrial and transportation hubs, agricultural, timber, resorts and other places, within which there is a tendency to form an integrated system of settlements, linked together as an economic (economic attraction and part of the production relations), and territorial or met planning (unified network of roads, some utilities ) interaction. Dimensions of economic neighborhoods in most situations vary, usually depending on the degree of development of territory - from 4 to 25 km2, and in densely populated areas of their value may decrease to 2.3 km2 (compared with a range of parameters for most group systems, as mentioned, much less - 12.6 km2).

Decision-making to optimize seating application of labor appropriate to plan, guided by the extent of group systems, within which is formed by the territorial unity of labor relations.

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