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Effectiveness group companies

The effectiveness of group companies (their combination and cooperation), in addition to meeting the requirements of the rational organization of industrial relations, should reflect and balance the use of territorial and population of urban resources. Streamlining the structure and territorial organization of the industrial complex of a large city in the development plan is due to the creation of favorable conditions for functional planning for the transition to its integrated system of settlement building-specific resources, national economic specialization and development goals.

Transport infrastructure. Orientation of the formation of the transport infrastructure group systems populated areas defined by the necessity of bringing messaging systems into conformity with the socio-economic and planning decisions to transform the existing urban agglomerations. Important in the formation of transport infrastructure - "support" it, and therefore encourage the practical implementation of the main purposes of forming a balanced settlement - contain extensive growth of large, and the development of small and medium-sized cities, the optimal spatial alignment of the proportions of urban and building relationships.

Examine the issue of transport infrastructure group systems of settlements, the Division of urban and outer urban transport TSNIIP suggest that the core of their development planning should be based on the organization of friendly relations between the zones of mutual attraction of group systems, restricting the flow of transit transport in cities and other populated areas, specialized transportation lines and their interactions.

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Effectiveness group companies

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