City structure planning

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extending the life of buildings

In the historically established areas of cities becomes very important their successive development with preservation of the foundations of the planning structure and a valuable building modernization and life extension preserved buildings . Today at the stage of reconstruction of large central areas of mixed multi-purpose fund, mainly in cities and large towns. Formation of prospective structures are associated with the reorganization of existing urban systems, the creation of architectural ensembles, public transport nodes, pedestrian zones, designed to service not only the urban population, but residents of the settlements, gravitating to the big city. Necessary component of the existing planning structure transformation is reorganization of communication systems in ensuring the conditions of balanced functioning of cities and regions interconnected resettlement.

The biggest problem of reconstruction - the complexity of the development of large cities, overcoming imbalances in the formation of their industrial and social subsystems, which in the conditions of socialism is planned adjustment directed process. Necessary to drastically restructuring the current practice of growing industrial areas populated areas without a corresponding expansion of their social infrastructure. The negative consequences of this process are manifested in the irrational, migration, urban and rural population, underutilization of inputs of production facilities, to reduce the efficiency of social production.

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