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balanced development of settlements

Regulation of a large city in the settlement system - one of the component and integral parts of a single system of measures aimed at achieving a balance between economic, social and territorial organization of resettlement throughout the country as a whole and its parts. At the heart of the current transformation of the network of settlements, as well as large and major cities - their nodes - to overcome significant differences in conditions and lifestyles of urban and rural, regional socio-economic disparities, disorder and non-comprehensive development of individual towns and rural settlement areas, the backlog social, transport and engineering infrastructures.

The most important task of balanced development of settlement is weakening causes contributing to the strengthening of regional disparities of the demographic potential and its excessive concentration on a limited number of centers. In order to improve the resettlement in the expanding influence of economic instruments for routine management of the development of residential areas may be justified (especially in relation to the multi-million dollar urban centers) focus not only on deterrence but also to stabilize the population of the largest cities, as a result of deconcentration. This problem should be solved in mutual relation with the objectives of enhancing the role of the largest cities in the implementation of accelerating socio-economic development.

balanced development of settlements

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