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Goal of urban planning policy

Under the influence of various processes related to economic development in some areas and out of production in other existing urban systems are constantly changing the emphasis of urban management. Alignment urban policy goals in various areas related to the specification of objectives and methods of regulation. Some activities are designed for areas characterized by intensive industrial development, which expands the zone of influence of cities, a rapidly growing urban population, the most significant increase in medium-sized cities located in the zones of influence of large, reduced the rural population, while others - for areas characterized by a predominantly agricultural development , a decrease in population and the number of small residential areas. They dramatically increased the role of medium-sized cities, the most distant from the regional centers, and therefore play an important tsentroformiruyuschuyu role for the surrounding area.

Thus, the regulation of urban development is modified the most, depending on the profile of economic and industrial development. If the backbone of the economy is the heavy industry, there is an intensive exchange between industrial centers and city-center service. On the basis of small towns and rural areas with decaying function of the form of agricultural and bedroom. Modified system, resulting in the facilities of minerals, as the exhaustion of resources and collapse of these industries. Specific types of relationships between towns and villages established during the development of some of these new industries (electronics, instrumentation, etc.). Under the influence of economic and social factors are constantly changing priorities in the formation of urban systems, which is the major factor regulating their development.

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Goal of urban planning policy

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