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history of urban planning in capitalist countries

Combined scheme of spatial organization of areas of work proposed for use in developed by Bulgarian specialists regionally settlement in the territory of the Sofia metropolitan area. Its macro-elements will be multi-functional areas, including residential developments, green space, commercial and domestic, cultural and educational centers, sports complexes.

Reconstruction of the capital was supposed to lead, taking into account the specialization of its structure in the direction of giving the northern region is predominantly functions of business activity , center - functions of housing and public services, the South - features vacation. Also provided the union of one extensive interconnected system of principal of city centers and at other levels. An important element in the formation of monocentric city structure of the planning scheme may be the solution to create in each zone macrostructural not one but two city center.

Turning to the history of urban planning in capitalist countries, it should be noted that the most significant reconstructive activities that qualify as regulatory, have been implemented in Paris during the second half of last century by well-known project of reconstruction of Osman. They have been critically evaluated by Engels, who believed that the punching lines of new streets through the workers' quarters was designed to hinder the struggle of the proletariat at the barricades.

Note that the breadth of the territorial scope of reconstruction activities related to establishing a system of squares and streets, essentially impact on the efficiency of the entire structure of movement in the city. Experts believe that even today a multimillion-dollar city lives largely on the basis of the plan resulting from the reconstruction. Interest in this problem manifests itself later. Renowned French architect E. Enaro at the beginning of the century, wrote: "... unload the center of the city - which means increased traffic on the periphery, and thus make the city viable throughout its territory."

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