City structure planning

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industry on the path of intensification

Intensification, enabling the improvement of functional and territorial distribution of productive forces and associated with the most comprehensive use of natural and physical resources, deepening the historical conditions of a more uniform spatial formation of the production and dispersal.

Go to the path of the intensification of industry on the basis of scientific and technological progress is aimed at aligning and increasing levels of technological development of all branches of production, integrated and effective use of all resources. The main trend in the development of city-forming industries in these conditions is their specialty and profilization. Accelerating the transition to intensive factors of economic growth of a large city today is increasingly with increased integration between the quality of production and work organization in enterprises its zone of influence in all technologically related industries largest city links of production, placed in the metropolitan area, region, region and beyond its borders.

The process of specialization, while closely related to the integration of the production functions implies the preservation and creation of spatial unity, combining in one territorial production complex. In these circumstances, inevitably the emergence of small-sized niche productions, which are located in small towns and have a close economic and administrative links with leading companies in major cities and actively interact with them. With the technological progress of enterprises engaged in less determine its economic impact.

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