City structure planning

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integration of urban development of settlements

Reconstruction and development of major cities at present are inseparable from the course to maximize the impact of their industrial, scientific, technical and socio-cultural potential. The implementation of this course is related to the restructuring of the foundations of socio-economic and urban development of cities towards a significant reduction in the extensive and increasing the share of intensive development factors. Crucial in this case takes the development of industries, providing scientific and technical progress, resources, bridging the gap in the development of industrial and social subsystems, the effective functioning of basic social infrastructures. Acceleration of the socio-economic development stimulates the process of socio-economic integration and urban residential areas. Under the conditions of accelerating social and technological progress, changing forms of concentration of settling the essential foundation for regulation of urban development into a system of their formation.

Regulation of a large city - a problem finding a solution which is actively maintained as a socialist and the capitalist countries. In the USSR and the socialist countries of its decision is based on the creation of efficient urban planning, balanced socio-economic development of the entire network of settlements as a whole and each region separately. In capitalist countries, the problem of urban management is subordinated, first and foremost, the objectives of the most profitable investment of capital in the economy of regions and cities in order to maximize profits. At the same time specialists in the capitalist countries, a number of theoretical schemes approach to the problem, they realized the local planning projects.