City structure planning

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interconnectedness of development and formation infrastructures

When designing a group of systems important to the interrelatedness of development and formation infrastructures of the city center and its zone of influence. This condition is especially true when you create a sub-centers, which are the supporting units of the system - a major prerequisite for economic production and social and functional activation of its peripheral areas. With their comprehensive development due to the formation of local (intra-) subsystems of settlement, expansion in their range of employment opportunities, more cost-effective across the group system as a whole organization of public transport, general engineering equipment; comprehensive measures to improve the environment and maintaining ecological balance.

Industrial complex. Functional unity and planning organization of a large city and a group of closely related with the formation of the latter as an integrated socio-economic complex. This form is provided for an integrated group of settlements character who gets city-forming base during the transition to the interconnected resettlement. Under these conditions, optimization of seating applications work gains significance sistemoformiruyuschego factor determining the direction and intensity of the labor relations system. Thus, economic and territorial community-forming base for the group system, it becomes possible to consider as a factor in management of the spatial distribution of objects of industrial infrastructure and manpower.

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