City structure planning

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City-centers that are part of mega

Town centers that make up the mega-cities, different features of the history of the development and growth that is generating the most important factor in migration. Currently, the most powerful industrial regions have entered a phase of development, where heavy industry is gradually moving beyond large cities.

In their central focus serving the function that changes the structure of labor resources and, consequently, causes and new waves of migrations. In describing the social and economic structure of the mega-cities increasingly use the term "mosaic" because the use of the territory and the formation of the demographic potential due to the enormous variety of functions, on the one hand, and waves of migration, on the other. "Mosaic" also includes the spatial, economic, social, political aspects of the mega-cities.

Very little studied, but at the same time, the important issue of the functioning of mega-cities - is that it is here, as experts say, is born and formed most of today's trends have a significant influence on the change and transformation of traditional forms of activity and lifestyle. Megacities are called "incubator" of new trends, because they are more intense changes occur as compared to other, more stable and "homogeneous" areas. Variety of functions and high "internal" dynamics are like a mega-standing momentum change, the spatial redistribution of emphasis of urban development.