City structure planning

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complex formation of large cities and agglomerations

Complex problems associated with complex formation of large cities and agglomerations, largely caused the character of previous development, passing under a long dominance of extensive factors. Orientation of planning the transformation of agglomerations with the creation of their database systems interconnected localities based on two main criteria: the spatial rearrangement of priorities in the development of settlement (in conjunction with the transformation of the territorial structure of economic and industrial base) and the radical improvement of transport links (such as the technical basis for ensuring the uniformity of social operation).

Consideration of the interrelated problems of structure formation of large cities and agglomerations - the traditional area of ​​research in the Soviet city planning. So, in 1920 SS Shestakov was drafted "Big Moscow" for the discharge of the capital and the creation of a single forming the periphery of the city and the metropolitan area to a radius of 100 km on the basis of the suburbs - the gardens. Wide variety of options were proposed in 1930-1932. in the preparation of the Master Plan for Reconstruction of Moscow.

Among them are "continuous integrated city" with a parallel arrangement of residential structures, developing the north-east and south-west (team issues), etc. Most of the theoretical schemes of regulation of the development of Moscow in the settlement system have been developed mainly in relation to concepts creating zones of satellite towns and the formation of spatial structures with interconnected populated areas located along the chosen directions of development (the number varied).

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