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concept of urban development

Concepts and methods of management practices for urban development. Study of research and design work, concepts of regulation of a large city shows the diversity of approaches and geographical extent of consideration, an abundance of concepts, operated by city planners, solving regulatory issues; green area, suitable area, agglomeration, the zone of influence, gravitating area, intra-district, economic district, province, economic region, region, republic, the country. While some studies focus on the global (national) problems of regulation, in others it searches for solutions conducted mainly in the extent of their own cities and their immediate surroundings.

In order to identify the most common trends in approaches to the problem it seems appropriate to distinguish two quite typical aggregated level, regional and local. If the basis of the first level - the role of a major city in the territorial division of socio-economic and transport and communication of regional (national) functions, the basis of the second - the unity of the social functioning of a major city and formed on the basis of his settlement systems.

Soviet Union and socialist countries. Improvement of the established settlements, the problems of urban development and management of their systems to all-Union level in our country is based on the general plan of settlement in the territory of the Soviet Union, providing for the establishment of urban backgrounds, contributing to further improvement of living conditions, accelerating the development of social production and environmental management.

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concept of urban development

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